Starcalled is a science fiction action-adventure audio drama created by Gabriel Alvarez.

Starcalled is set 6 cycles after a devastating galactic war in a ravaged universe teeming with hostile life. It follows an ensemble cast of aliens as they attempt to unravel a galactic conspiracy under the ever looming specter of war.

Starcalled features a full cast, immersive sound design, and original cinematic music. It features a complex and contradictive universe full of dangerous characters, high-stakes action, and an unrepentant shadow of hope. Listener discretion is advised.

Episodes released bi-monthly.

The Cast

Sean Moran as Lieutenant Saranus Kron

Jill Baumgarner as Chief Science Officer Elona Zoren

Ben Valdmets as Captain Mor Landris

Colton Kidd as Commander Strakker Tygg

Mark Stelter as Communications Officer Delerev

Miles Ledbetter as Flight Officer Drejen

Kathryn Valdmets as Director Arla Tetzi

Claudine Lucena as Rider

Nathaniel Hailu as Corvan

Max Robertson as Oddie Konidarian

Gabriel Alvarez as Ben Osborn


Additional voices by A.R. Mendez, Aurelio Aguirre, Olivia Kidd,

Mark Stelter, Nathaniel Hailu, Gabriel Alvarez

The Crew

Executive Producers: Rachel Weiss, Greg Schiurring


Written by, directed by, produced by, sound designed by,

music composed by, edited by, narrated by: Gabriel Alvarez


Additional sound effects by: Bluezone Corporation, SoundMorph, Soundbits,

New Sound Lab, SonicSalute, Badlands Sound, Gamemaster Audio

Contact information


Twitter: @StarcalledRadio



What people are saying about starcalled:

Strap in, because this show DOES NOT QUIT. With Tolkien-esque detail, this audio drama plays out like a major motion picture. Its immersive sound design, rich history, and dynamic characters make it a goddamn rollercoaster to listen to.
— J. Chaney
The sound design here — sound effects and music — are deftly balanced with speech and cinematic in scope... It’s a complex universe that we’ve only just found the tip of and we explore it with a tone-perfect narrator.
— E. Fernández-Collins
Holy crap... incredibly well done!!! I’m not a sci-fi guy and was pulled in immediately. Every bit of this is top notch and I’m ready for the next episode.
— T. Nevins
Impressive soundscape, intense action, immersive worldbuilding makes this show an overwhelming experience.
— G.M. Jensen
Brilliant sound design, music, and vocal performances.
— @thefreeddove
It’s like listening to a Star Wars movie.
— @StationBluePod
The audio production is so good. There aren’t too many podcasts with the quality this high.
— STLhistoryBuff