ThE characters


  • Lieutenant Saranus Kron

  • Acting Chief Science Officer Elona Zoren

  • Captain Mor Landris

  • Commander Strakker Tygg

  • Communications Officer Delerev

  • Flight Officer Drejen

  • Director Arla Tetzi



  • Corvan

  • Oddie Konidarian

  • Ben Osborn

  • Rider

the races

The Colony (Colonials)

  • a highly hierarchical and militaristic race of insectoid bipeds

The Holkari Empire (Holkari)

  • a divided race of tusked desert dwellers


  • a highly complex but reclusive race


  • a sapient race of six-limbed reptilians


  • [information limited]


Bisson, the capital city of Edari. Central location of the Holkari Empire, including the former governing body, the holkari council.

Edari, the second planet of the Gerlian System. Second homeworld of the Holkari Empire. Noted for its lamphredite mineral deposits, the Great Plateau of Edari, and its network of sub-surface mineral mines.

Gerlian System, a Class Entek-3 System located in the Beta Sector of the frontier beyond colonial space. Valued by the colonials due to its extensive lamphredite mineral deposits and strategic positioning within the frontier.

Edari Station, an understaffed colonial space station deployed into Edari’s orbit. Under the command of Captain Mor Landris, the colonials have been negotiating a trade and annex deal with the Holkari Empire for nearly a cycle, hoping to bring the holkari under colonial rule and protection and secure the Colony’s position in the frontier. Director Tetzi, however, hopes to leverage the remoteness of Edari Station to work toward her own agenda.

Rotonken Base, a secretive colonial intelligence base located deep within the frontier. Overseen by Director Arla Tetzi, Rotonken Base is the base of operations for all of Director Tetzi’s frontier missions.

Teristan Base, a notorious colonial penal colony located on Faravor at the edge of colonial space.

Core Systems, the centralized systems of the Colony, home to its Queen and ruling class.